Tires Inspection; Wheel Discs Inspection; Wheel Bearing Inspection; Suspension System Inspection - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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0B-9 Maintenance and Lubrication:

Tires Inspection

1) Check tires for uneven or excessive wear, or
damage. If defective, replace.
Refer to "Irregular and/or Premature Wear
Description in Section 2D" and "Wear Indicators
Description in Section 2D" for details.
1. Wear indicator
2) Check inflating pressure of each tire and adjust
pressure to specification as necessary.
• Tire inflation pressure should be checked
when tires are cool.
• Specified tire inflation pressure should be
found on tire placard or in owner's manual
which came with the vehicle.
3) Rotate tires. For details, refer to "Tire Rotation in
Section 2D".

Wheel Discs Inspection

Inspect each wheel disc for dents, distortion and cracks.
A disc in badly damaged condition must be replaced.

Wheel Bearing Inspection

1) Check front wheel bearing for wear, damage,
abnormal noise or rattles. For details, refer to "Front
Wheel Bearing and Wheel Hub Inspection in Section
2) Check rear wheel bearing for wear, damage,
abnormal noise or rattles. For details, refer to "Rear
Wheel Hub Assembly Inspection in Section 2C".

Suspension System Inspection

• Inspect front struts and rear shock absorbers for
evidence of oil leakage, dents or any other damage on
sleeves; and inspect anchor ends for deterioration.
Replace defective parts, if any.
• Check front and rear suspension systems for
damaged, loose or missing parts; also for parts
showing signs of wear or lack of lubrication.
Repair or replace defective parts, if any.
• Check front suspension arm ball joint stud dust seals
for leakage, detachment, tear or any other damage.
Replace defective boot, if any.

Steering System Inspection

1) Check steering wheel for play and rattle, holding
vehicle straight on ground.
Steering wheel play
"a": 0 – 30 mm (0 – 1.1 in.)
Table of Contents

Table of Contents