Engine General Information And Diagnosis; Precautions; Precautions On Engine Service; Precaution On On-Board Diagnostic (Obd) System - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Engine General Information and Diagnosis


Precautions on Engine Service

The following information on engine service
should be noted carefully, as it is important in
preventing damage, and in contributing to
reliable engine performance.
• When raising or supporting engine for any reason, do
not use a jack under oil pan. Due to small clearance
between oil pan and oil pump strainer, jacking against
oil pan may cause it to be bent against strainer,
resulting in damaged oil pick-up unit.
• It should be kept in mind, while working on engine,
that 12-volt electrical system is capable of violent and
damaging short circuits.
When performing any work where electrical terminals
can be grounded, ground cable of the battery should
be disconnected at battery.
• Any time the air cleaner, throttle body or intake
manifold is removed, the intake opening should be
covered. This will protect against accidental entrance
of foreign material which could follow intake passage
into cylinder and cause extensive damage when
engine is started.
Precaution on On-Board Diagnostic (OBD)
There are two types of On-Board Diagnostic (OBD)
system, Euro OBD system and non-Euro-OBD system,
depending on the vehicle specification.
It is possible to identify each OBD system by checking if
it is equipped with the HO2S-2 or not.
• Euro OBD model is equipped with HO2S-2.
• Non-Euro-OBD model is not equipped with HO2S-2.
For Taiwan model, bear in mind that it is non-
Euro-OBD model which is equipped with
Engine General Information and Diagnosis:


As the diagnosis function is different between these two
types, be sure to fully understand the OBD system
referring to "On-Board Diagnostic System Description".
OBD System Summary Table
Quantity of DTC
related to engine
Freeze frame
SUZUKI scan tool
OBD generic
scan tool

Precautions in Diagnosing Trouble

There are two types of OBD system
depending on the vehicle specification.
For identification, refer to "Precaution on On-
Board Diagnostic (OBD) System".
• Don't disconnect ECM couplers from ECM, battery
cable from battery, ECM ground wire harness from
engine or main fuse before confirming diagnostic
information (DTC, freeze frame data, etc.) stored in
ECM memory. Such disconnection will erase
memorized information in ECM memory.
• Diagnostic information stored in ECM memory can be
cleared as well as checked by using SUZUKI scan
tool or CAN communication OBD generic scan tool.
Before using scan tool, read its Operator's
(Instruction) Manual carefully to have good
understanding as to what functions are available and
how to use it.
For Euro OBD model, it is indistinguishable which
module turns on MIL because not only ECM but also
TCM (for A/T model) turns on MIL (for details of on-
board diagnostic system for A/T model, refer to "On-
Board Diagnostic System Description in Section 5A"
for A/T).
Therefore, check both ECM and TCM (for A/T model)
for DTC when MIL lights on.
Euro OBD
model (with
model (without
Approx. 100
Approx. 50 to 80
Not available
Not available
Table of Contents

Table of Contents