Crank Pin And Connecting Rod Bearings Inspection - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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Crank Pin and Connecting Rod Bearings
Crank Pin Diameter
Inspect crank pin for uneven wear or damage. Measure
crank pin for out-of-round or taper with a micrometer. If
crank pin is damaged or out-of round or taper is out of
limit, replace crankshaft or regrind crank pin to undersize
and use undersize bearing.
Crank pin diameter
Connecting rod bearing
0.25 mm (0.0098 in.)
A – B
a – b
Crank pin taper and out-of-round
Limit: 0.01 mm (0.0004 in.)
Crank pin diameter
41.982 – 42.000 mm
(1.6528 – 1.6535 in.)
41.732 – 41.750 mm
(1.6430 – 1.6437 in.)
Connecting Rod Bearing General Information
Service connecting rod bearings are available in
standard size and 0.25 mm (0.0098 in.) undersize
bearing, and standard size bearing has 5 kinds of
bearings differing in tolerance.
For identification of undersize bearing, it is painted red at
the position as indicated in figure, undersize bearing
thickness is 1.605 – 1.615 mm (0.0632 – 0.0635 in.) at
the center of it.
1. Red paint
Connecting Rod Bearing Visual Inspection
Inspect bearing shells for signs of fusion, pitting, burn or
flaking and observe contact pattern. Bearing shells
found in defective condition must be replaced.
Connecting Rod Bearing Clearance
1) Before checking bearing clearance, clean bearing
and crank pin.
2) Install bearing in connecting rod and bearing cap.
3) Place a piece of gauging plastic (1) to full width of
crank pin as contacted by bearing (parallel to
crankshaft), avoiding oil hole.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents