Dtc P0140: O2 Sensor (Ho2S) Circuit No Activity Detected (Sensor-2) - Suzuki SX4 Service Manual

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DTC P0140: O2 Sensor (HO2S) Circuit No Activity Detected (Sensor-2)

Wiring Diagram
Refer to "DTC P0137 / P0138: O2 Sensor (HO2S) Circuit Low Voltage / High Voltage (Sensor-2)".
DTC Detecting Condition and Trouble Area
HO2S-2 voltage is higher than specified value after warming up engine
(circuit open).
(2 driving cycle detection logic)
DTC Confirmation Procedure
• When performing a road test, select a place where there is no traffic or possibility of a traffic
accident and be very careful during testing to avoid occurrence of an accident.
• Road test should be carried out by 2 persons, a driver and a tester, on a level road.
1) With ignition switch turned OFF, connect scan tool.
2) Turn ON ignition switch and clear DTC using scan tool.
3) Start engine and warm up to normal operating temperature.
4) Increase vehicle speed to 60 – 80 km/h (37 – 50 mile/h) at 5th gear or D range.
5) Release accelerator pedal and with engine brake applied, keep vehicle coasting (with fuel cut for 4 sec. or more),
then stop vehicle and run engine at idle speed for 60 sec. or more.
6) Check DTC and pending DTC.
DTC Troubleshooting
Before this troubleshooting is performed, read the precautions for DTC troubleshooting referring to
"Precautions for DTC Troubleshooting".
Was "Engine and Emission Control System Check"
HO2S-2 ground check
1) Disconnect connector from HO2S-2 with ignition switch
turned OFF.
2) Check for proper connection to HO2S-2 connector at
"RED/BLU", "BRN", "ORN" and "BLK/WHT" wire
3) If connections are OK, measure resistance between
"ORN" wire terminal of HO2S-2 connector and engine
Is resistance less than 5
DTC detecting condition
Engine General Information and Diagnosis:
• HO2S-2
• HO2S-2 circuit
• Exhaust gas leakage
• Air intake system
Go to Step 2.
Go to Step 3.
Trouble area
Go to "Engine and
Emission Control
System Check".
"ORN" wire is open or
high resistance circuit.
Poor "C01-57" terminal
connection. Faulty ECM
If they are OK,
substitute a known-
good ECM and recheck.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents