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Air conditioner wall mounted type
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Safety Precautions (continued)
• Do not install the unit in area fi lled with mineral oil such as a
factory or area containing a large amount of splashed oil or
steam such as a kitchen.
• Do not start or stop the operation of this product by inserting
or pulling out the power plug, or by turning on or off the
circuit breaker.
• Do not use infl ammable gases near the unit.
• Do not expose yourself directly to the cooling airfl ow for
many hours.
• Provide occasional ventilation during use.
• Always operate the unit with air fi lters installed.
• Ensure that any electronic equipment is at least 1 meter
away from either the indoor unit or outdoor unit.
• Unplug the power supply cable when not using the indoor
unit for an extended period.
• After long period of use, check whether the installation stand
does not deteriorate to prevent the unit from falling down.
• The airfl ow direction and the room temperature should be
carefully considered when you use this product in a room
with infants, children, elderly or sick persons.
• Do not direct the airfl ow at fi replaces or heating apparatus.
• Do not block or cover the intake grille and the outlet port.
• Do not apply any heavy pressure to radiator fi ns.
• Do not climb on, place objects on, or hang objects from the unit.
Indoor unit accessories
Remote controller
Air cleaning fi lters
Press CLOCK ADJUST button to start clock setting.
Set the day of the week by pressing SELECT button (Monday to
Sunday). *By pressing the TEMP. (∧∨) buttons, the time indicator
can be changed from a 24-hour to a 12-hour clock.
Press NEXT button to continue.
Set the time by pressing SELECT button.
Pressing  or  changes the value by the minute.
Pressing down on  or  changes the value by 10 minutes.


9320455002_OM_EN.indd 2
9320455002_OM_EN.indd 2
Tapping screws
(M3 × 12 mm)
Filter holders
Battery (R03/LR03/AAA × 2) loading and remote controller preparation
• Do not insert your fi ngers or any other objects into outlet
port, open panel, or intake grille.
• Do not operate with wet hands.
• Do not use means to accelerate the defrosting process or to
clean the appliance, other than those recommended by the
• Do not pierce or burn.
• Do not place vase or water container on the unit.
• Do not place any other electrical products or household
belongings under indoor unit or outdoor unit.
Dripping condensation from the unit might get them wet, and
may cause damage or malfunction of your property.
• Do not expose the unit directly to water.
• Do not use this product for preservation of food, plants,
animals, precision equipment, art work, or other objects. This
may cause quality deterioration of those items.
• Do not expose animals or plants to the direct airfl ow.
• Do not drink the drainage from the air conditioner.
• Do not pull the power supply cable to disconnect the plug.
• Do not touch the aluminum fi ns of heat exchanger built-in
the indoor or outdoor unit to avoid personal injury when you
install or maintain the unit.
Remote controller holder installation
Take care to prevent infants and young children from acciden-
tally swallowing the batteries.
• Do not attempt to recharge dry batteries.
• Do not use dry batteries that has been recharged.
To complete, press the SEND button close to the indoor unit.
Settings may not be properly sent if pressed from a distance.
• Use specifi ed type of batteries only.
• Do not mix different types or new and used batteries together.
• Batteries can be used about 1 year in ordinary use.
• If the remote control range noticeably shortens, replace the batter-
ies, and press RESET button as shown in page 5.
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