Operating Your Bosch Drive Unit; Safety Instructions - Bosch BDU3740 Owner's Manual

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Operating your Bosch Drive Unit

Read and understand all safety warn-
ings and instructions. Failure to follow
the below warnings could result in death
or serious injury.
Save all safety warnings and instructions for fu-
ture reference.
The term battery pack used in these operating in-
structions refers to all original Bosch eBike battery
Do not attempt to change – in particular, to in-
crease – the power of your drive or the maxi-
mum speed that it supports. Doing this may put
yourself and others at risk, and you could also
breach statutory regulations.
Do not make any modifications to your eBike
system or fit any other products that might in-
crease the performance of your eBike system.
Doing so will generally reduce the service life of the
system and risks damaging the drive unit and the
bike. You also run the risk of losing the guarantee
and warranty claims on the bicycle you have pur-
chased. By handling the system improperly you are
also endangering your safety and that of other road
users, thus running the risk of high personal liability
costs and possibly even criminal prosecution in the
event of accidents that can be attributed to manip-
ulation of the bicycle.
Do not open the drive unit yourself. The drive
unit must only be repaired by qualified person-
nel using only original spare parts. This will en-
sure that the safety of the drive unit is maintained.
Unauthorized opening of the drive unit will render
warranty claims null and void.
All components fitted to the drive unit and all
other components of the eBike drive (e.g. chain-
ring, chainring receptacle, pedals) must only be
replaced with identical components or compo-
nents that have been specifically approved by
0 275 U07 3D1 | (23.06.2021)

Safety instructions

the manufacturer for your eBike. This will protect
the drive unit from overloading and becoming dam-
Remove the battery from the eBike before be-
ginning work (e.g. inspection, repair, assembly,
maintenance, work on the chain, etc.) on the
eBike, transporting it with a car or airplane, or
storing it. Unintentional activation of the eBike
system poses a risk of injury.
After a ride, do not allow your unprotected
hands or legs to come into contact with the
housing of the drive unit. Under extreme condi-
tions, such as continuously high torques at low
travel speeds, or when riding up hills or carrying
loads, very high temperatures may be reached on
the housing.
The temperatures that may be reached on the drive
unit housing are influenced by the following factors:
– Ambient temperature
– Ride profile (route/gradient)
– Ride duration
– Assistance modes
– User behavior (personal effort)
– Total weight (rider, eBike, luggage)
– Motor cover on the drive unit
– Heat dissipation properties of the bicycle frame
– Type of drive unit and type of gear-shifting
Use only original Bosch batteries that the manu-
facturer has approved for your eBike. Using
other batteries can lead to injuries and pose a fire
hazard. Bosch accepts no liability or warranty
claims if other batteries are used.
Under extreme conditions, such as con-
tinuously high loads at low speed when
riding up hills or carrying loads, parts of
the drive unit can reach temperatures
in excess of 140 °F.
Bosch eBike Systems

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