Maintenance/Cleaning - Bosch BDU3740 Owner's Manual

Drive unit
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Do not open any of the components. Service
should only be carried out at an authorized
Bosch eBike dealer. Failure to follow above warn-
ing can cause death or serious injury. Refer to your
bicycle manual or component manual for all non-
Bosch drive system components.
Always remove the battery pack before per-
forming any bicycle inspection, maintenance or
repair. Failure to remove the battery pack before
performing bicycle inspection, maintenance or re-
pair can lead to serious injury.
If you suspect that something is loose, do not
ride your bike. See your Bosch eBike dealer, only a
qualified service provider should perform work on
your Bosch Drive System. All nuts, bolts, screws re-
quire the correct tightening force. Too little force
and the fastener may not hold securely. Too much
force and the fastener can strip threads, stretch,
deform or break. Either way, incorrect tightening
force can result in component failure, which can
cause you to lose control and fall.
If replacing your battery, buy only a genuine
Bosch battery pack from an approved source.
See your Bosch eBike dealer for original Bosch
Always switch the battery pack off, when insert-
ing or removing it from the holder. Never attempt
to insert or remove the battery pack while riding
the bike.
Do not charge or use your eBike in any area with
a potentially explosive atmosphere, such as at a
fueling area, or in areas where the air contains
chemicals or particles (such as grain, dust, or
metal powders). Obey all signs and instructions.
Do not submerge your eBike components in wa-
ter, or wash with pressurized hose. Your Bosch
drive unit is designed to be water tight to rain water
or non-pressure hose washing.
Bosch eBike Systems


When changing the bulbs, ensure that they are com-
patible with the Bosch eBike system (ask your bicycle
dealer) and are suitable for the specified voltage.
Bulbs must only be replaced with bulbs of the same
Taking care of your eBike
Please observe the operating and storage tempera-
tures of the eBike components. Protect the drive unit,
on-board computer and battery against extreme tem-
peratures (e.g. from intense sunlight without ade-
quate ventilation). Extreme temperatures can cause
the components (especially the battery) to become
Have your eBike system checked by an expert at least
once a year (including mechanical parts, up-to-date-
ness of system software).
Please have your eBike serviced and repaired by an
authorized bicycle dealer.
After-sales service and advice on using
If you have any questions about the eBike system and
its components, contact an authorized bicycle dealer.
For contact details of authorized bike dealerships,
please visit
Please contact an authorized bicycle dealer if the bat-
tery is no longer working.
Note down the manufacturer and the number of
the key. In case of loss of the keys, please refer to
an authorised Bosch eBike dealer. Please provide
the name of the manufacturer and the number of
the key.
Do not paint any components of the Bosch drive
system as they may cause premature failure of
the component.
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Table of Contents

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