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Interaction between the eBike system and gear-
The gear-shifting should be used with an eBike drive
in the same way as with a normal bicycle (observe the
operating instructions of your eBike on this point).
Irrespective of the type of gear-shifting, it is advisable
to briefly stop pedaling when changing gear. This will
facilitate the gear change and reduce wear on the
By selecting the correct gear, you can increase your
speed and range while applying the same amount of
Gaining initial experience
We recommend that you gain initial experience with
the eBike away from busy roads.
Test the various assistance levels, beginning with the
lowest level. As soon as you feel confident, you can
ride your eBike in traffic like any other bicycle.
Test the range of your eBike in different conditions
before planning longer and more demanding trips.
0 275 U07 3D1 | (23.06.2021)
Influences on range
The range is affected by a number of factors, such as:
– Assistance level
– Speed
– Gear shifting behavior
– Tire type and tire pressure
– Age and condition of the battery
– Route profile (gradients) and conditions (road sur-
– Headwind and ambient temperature
– Weight of eBike, rider and luggage
For this reason, it is not possible to predict the range
accurately before and during a trip. However, as a
general rule:
– With the same assistance level on the eBike drive:
The less energy you need to exert in order to reach
a certain speed (e.g. by changing gears optimally),
the less energy the eBike drive will consume and
the higher the range per battery charge will be.
– The higher the selected assistance level under oth-
erwise constant conditions, the smaller the range
will be.
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