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Ip fax function
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4.Using the IP Fax Function
 Inbound FAX routing
ITU-T communications function between fax devices with ITU-T support and enable fax transmission to and retrieval
from mailboxes.
The IP Fax function does not support [Inbound FAX routing]. However, you can specify the IP Fax destination to
[Destination Setting] and [Relay End Terminal Report] when an agent is set by selecting [Forward] for [Internet/
Fax(Relay)] in the [MailBox Setting] screen.
The type of mailboxes for ITU-T communications must be set in advance to either confidential, bulletin board, or
forward. You can specify a password on any mailbox to secure confidentiality.
 P.79 "Relay End Terminal Report (Mailbox)"
For details about the following operations, refer to the TopAccess Guide.
 "[Inbound FAX routing] screen"
 "[MailBoxes Properties] screen"
 "MailBox Setting (Mailbox)"
 "Destination Setting (Mailbox)"
 "InternetFax Setting (Mailbox)"
 "Save as file Setting (Mailbox)"
 "Email Setting (Mailbox)"
 "Box Setting (Mailbox)"
Mailboxes can be managed using the touch panel.
For details, refer to the Fax Guide.
 Relay End Terminal Report (Mailbox)
On the Relay End Terminal Report page, you can specify a destination to which the transmission result list will be sent.
Using the IP Fax Function from TopAccess 79
Table of Contents

Table of Contents