Optional Equipment; Abbreviations - Toshiba e-STUDIO A Series Operator's Manual

Ip fax function
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 Model and series names in this manual
In this manual, each model name is replaced with the series name as shown below.
 Optional equipment
For the available options, refer to the Quick Start Guide.
 Screens in this manual
In this manual, Windows10 is taken for explanation purposes to describe the screens and operation procedures in
The details on the screens may differ depending on your model and how the equipment is used, such as the status of
the installed options, the OS version and the applications.
 Abbreviations in this manual
In this manual, "Dual Scan Document Feeder" (DSDF) and "Reversing Automatic Document Feeder" (RADF) are
collectively referred to as "Automatic Document Feeder" (ADF).
 Trademarks
For trademarks, refer to the Safety Information.
4 Preface
Model name
Series name in this manual
e-STUDIO5015AC Series
e-STUDIO5018A Series
e-STUDIO7516AC Series
e-STUDIO8518A Series
Table of Contents

Table of Contents