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Ip fax function
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4.Using the IP Fax Function
 Reception mode
This section describes how to receive IP Fax. Refer to the appropriate section for your current reception mode. The
reception mode can be set on the Admin menu. For details of the current setting, ask your administrator.
 P.44 "Auto reception"
 P.44 "Memory reception"
 P.44 "Displaying the preview of a received IP Fax"
 For details about the originals and paper, refer to the Fax Guide.
 Fax reception settings can be changed from TopAccess.
 P.18 "IP Fax Settings"

Auto reception

IP Faxes are automatically received during an incoming call. Users do not have to do anything when receiving IP Fax.

Memory reception

The received IP Fax data are stored in the memory, IP Faxes are automatically printed as soon as the equipment
becomes ready. As the memory reception function is always enabled, you do not need to make any setting.

Displaying the preview of a received IP Fax

You can confirm the contents on the touch panel before carrying out the printing of the IP Fax received by means of
the [Secure Rx (IP Fax)] or [Hold (Fax)] option.
Press [Print] on the Home screen.
The print screen is displayed. If you leave the screen unattended for the auto clear setting time (45 sec. by
default), the screen returns to the default one automatically.
Select [Secure Rx (IP Fax)] or [Hold (Fax)] for Job Type.
 When
is pressed, received IP Fax jobs are displayed in the list.
 To delete a received IP Fax from the list, select the received file subject to delete and press [Delete].
is pressed, received IP Fax jobs are displayed in thumbnail images.
 To delete a received IP Fax from the thumbnail, select the thumbnail image subject to delete and press
 The entry of the password is required at the first operation of any of [Delete], [Print], [Display Image] or the
thumbnail images.
Press [Display Image].
44 Using the IP Fax Function from the Touch Panel
Table of Contents

Table of Contents