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Ip fax function
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4.Using the IP Fax Function
 Specifying the recipient
Specify the IP Fax recipient. There are various ways to specify the recipient, such as direct entry with the control panel
and address book entry.
 P.38 "Entering directly with digital keys"
 P.39 "Specifying the recipient in the address book"
 P.40 "Searching from the address book or LDAP server"
 P.43 "Specifying the group in the address book"
 To use the address book, you need to register recipients' IP Fax numbers to the book in advance.
For details about the operation, see the following pages.
 P.30 "Address Book"
 P.49 "Address (User)"
 P.51 "Managing groups in address book (User)"
 To send to multiple addresses
In the memory transmission mode, you can send the same document to multiple recipients (up to 400 recipients) at
once. When [Multi] is pressed after the fax number has been entered, it will be added to the recipient list displayed
on the left-hand side of the screen. Repeat this operation until you specify all recipients. You can also specify up to
a total of 400 recipients' fax numbers by combining with other entry methods.

Entering directly with digital keys

You can specify the recipient by entering its IP Fax number on the touch panel.
Selects the destination type.
[Gateway] — Select this to send an IP Fax to a G3 Fax machine via a T.38 supporting gateway.
[SIP] — Select this to send an IP Fax to an MFP supporting the IP Fax function via a SIP server.
 IP Fax direct transmission is not possible.
 [G3] is a G3 Fax machine using a public network line. [Internet Fax] is used to send an Email by directly entering
an internet fax destination (Email address).
38 Using the IP Fax Function from the Touch Panel
Table of Contents

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