Specifying The Recipient In The Address Book - Toshiba e-STUDIO A Series Operator's Manual

Ip fax function
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4.Using the IP Fax Function
Key in the recipient's IP Fax number and press [Send].

Specifying the recipient in the address book

In the address book, you can specify the recipient.
Press the desired recipient on the
 To cancel the selected recipient, press it again.
 To confirm the selected recipient or delete an unnecessary recipient, press it in the recipient list displayed on
the left-hand side of the screen.
For details about how to confirm and delete recipients, refer to the Fax Guide.
 To refine your search only for items including specified characters, press
 P.40 "Searching from the address book or LDAP server"
When you set your favorite or index items in the address book in the registration, the corresponding recipients
appear on the
(favorite) tab or index tab.
Using the IP Fax Function from the Touch Panel 39
Table of Contents

Table of Contents