Toshiba Carrier MMDMMD-AP0120VHG2UL Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual page 33

Vertical air handling unit
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▼ Power supply
Power supply
Wire size
Power supply wiring
▼Control wiring, Central control wiring
2-core shielded wires (non-polarity) are used for the control wiring between the indoor and outdoor
units and central control wiring.
The length of the communication line is the total length of the inter unit wire between the indoor and
outdoor units added to the central control system wire length.
▼ VRF Communication Line (U1/U2)
VRF Control wiring between indoor unit
and outdoor unit (2-core shield wire)
Central control line wiring (2-core shield
▼ Remote controller wiring (A/B)
Remote control wiring, remote controller inter-unit
Total wire length of re-
mote control wiring and
remote control inter-unit
wiring = L + L1 + L2 +
... Ln
Total wire length of remote control inter-unit wiring = L1
+ L2..Ln
208 / 230V 1ph 60Hz
Refer to "MMD electrical data" table
Up to 164'1" (50m)
Wire Size
Wire Size
In case of wired type only
In case of wireless type in-
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(Up to 3280'10"(1000m)) AWG16
(Up to 6561'8" (2000m)) AWG14
(Up to 3280'10" (1000m)) AWG16
(Up to 6561'8" (2000m)) AWG14
2-core, non-polarity, Wire size: AWG20
Up to 1650'5" (500m)
Up to 984'3" (300m) in case of two remote
control by RBC-AMS54E-UL
Up to 1312'4" (400m)
Up to 656'2" (200m)
MMD IOM 1.2 11-10-2020
Table of Contents

Table of Contents