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Vertical air handling unit
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SERVICE-Coil Removal and Reinstallation Procedure
1. Perform procedure on the ground for safety. If
working at heights USE EXTREME CAUTION ob-
serve all FALL SAFETY considerations. Under all
conditions, LOCK OUT all power supplies before
performing this procedure.
tion can be heavy—use proper lifting equipment.
2. Isolate coil and reclaim refrigerant.
unit from piping. Remove supply piping to allow
access into the coil section from the front.
3. Remove blower access door and coil access
4. Carefully remove temperature sensors from the
coil and set them aside, clear of the coil & drain
pan assembly.
Disconnect pulse motor valve
(PMV) wiring from the PMV.
5. Remove 4 screws on the drain pan side of the
cabinet (right side shown in Fig. 23). Remove 4
screws from coil support side of the cabinet (left
side shown in Fig. 23).
6. Slide coil & drain pan assembly out of the unit (Fig
7. Coil can be detached from drain pan using 5/16"
driver, 2 screws. Coil can be detached from coil
support using 5/16" driver, 4 screws.
8. Follow instructions in reverse to install new coil.
9. Re-install sensors back in original positions. CAU-
TION! Be sure to place sensors in correct loca-
WARNING! Coil sec-
Figure 23
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tions for proper unit operation.
10. Re-install wiring to PMV.
11. Re-install unit access panels.
12. Return unit to service.
MMD IOM 1.2 11-10-2020
Table of Contents

Table of Contents