Advanced Control - Toshiba Carrier MMDMMD-AP0120VHG2UL Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Vertical air handling unit
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 NOTE : Powering on the unit and interface for the first time, it takes time for the remote control to rec-
ognize the operation input. This is not a malfunction.
 For details on the auto address setting of air conditioners when operating together with VRF system
(adjust the auto address setting on the circuit board of the outdoor interface).
 Turn on the indoor unit first. Refer to the installation manual of the air conditioner about its power sup-
 When shipped from the factory, all of the setting are set to [ Factory default ]. Change the setting us-
ing the main remote control (wired remote control).
 The settings cannot be changed using the wireless remote control, the sub remote control, or a sys-
tem without a remote control (system with only the central remote control). Therefore, prepare the
main remote control and install.
■Functional setting by DN code
■Changing of settings for applicable controls
(DN code setting)
Basic procedure for changing settings
Change the settings while the air conditioner is not
(Be sure to stop the air conditioner before making settings).
Procedure 1
Push the [
MENU ] button.
Push the [
MENU ] / [
than 4 seconds.
3. Push the [
the "Field setting menu" screen.
4. Then push the [
5. Move the cursor to select "DN code" with the "<" [F1] button.
Set "DN code" with the [
Move the cursor to select "data" with the [
then set "data" with the [
Procedure 2
Refer to this installation manual for details about the DN code and data.
Procedure 3
Push the [
MENU ] button to set the other DN codes.
2. After "Continue?" is displayed on the screen,
push the "Yes" [
Procedure 4
1. Push the "No" [
appears on the screen for a while.
3. Then the screen returns to the "Field setting menu" screen.
] button simultaneously for more
] / [
] button to select "7. DN setting" on
F2] button.
] / [
] / [
F1 ] button.
F2] button to finish the setting operation.
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] button.
F2] button,
] button.
MMD IOM 1.2 11-10-2020
Table of Contents

Table of Contents