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Vertical air handling unit
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Electric Heater Accessory
The electric heater may be factory-installed or
field-installed. See Figures 5 through 8.
Removal Procedure:
To remove the electric heater,
1. Disconnect and lock out electrical power
from the unit. Remove heater access panel.
Disconnect power wires from the power
switch—DANGER! - MAKE SURE there is no
voltage on these wires before disconnecting!
2. Disconnect 2 harness connectors at the
blower deck.
3. Remove 2 screws holding heater support
feet to the blower deck.
4. Remove 4 screws that mount the heater to
the heater bulkhead. Handle heater carefully
to avoid damaging the wire heating elements.
Remove heater from the unit.
WARNING: Hazardous voltage. Only qualified
personnel must install the electrical service. Dis-
connect and Lock Out all incoming power sources
before connecting to electrical service.
WARNING: This appliance must be permanently
grounded in accordance with the National Electrical
Code and local code requirements.
WARNING: For use with copper conductors only.
Fig. 5 — Heater Accessory Installed
(right side panel not shown)
Fig. 6 — Heater Accessory Installed
(right side and heater access panels
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not shown)
MMD IOM 1.2 11-10-2020
Table of Contents

Table of Contents