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Vertical air handling unit
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Before turning on the power supply, carry out the following procedure.
1. Using 500V-Megger, check the resistance between the terminal block of the power supply
and the earth (grounding). The resistance must by 1MΩ or more.
2. If resistance of less than 1MΩ is detected, do not run the unit.
When a test run is performed together with air conditioners, follow the installation manuals of the
air conditioners.
Never press the electromagnetic contactor to forcibly perform the test run. (This would be very
dangerous because the protective device does not work).
Before starting a test run, be sure to set addresses per the installation manual supplied with the
outdoor unit.
Performing the test mode
1. Test Mode
2. Register service info.
3. Alarm history
4. Monitor function
5. Setting louver position
1. Push the [
MENU ] button to display the menu
2. Push and hold the [
] button at the same tine to display the "Field
setting menu".
Push and hold the buttons for more than 4 seconds.
3. Select "1 Test mode" on the "Field setting menu" screen,
then push the "Set" [
Pushing the "Yes" [
mode and the screen returns to the "Filed setting
menu" screen.
Push [
CANCEL ] twice, the screen (2)
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MENU ] button and the
F2 ] button.
F1 ] button sets the test
MMD IOM 1.2 11-10-2020
Table of Contents

Table of Contents