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Vertical air handling unit
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Check Codes and Parts to be Checked
Check method
On the remote control (Wired remote control, Central control remote control) and the interface P.C. board of
the outdoor unit (I/F), a check display LCD (Remote control) or 7-segment display (on the outdoor interface
P.C. board) to display the operation is provided. Therefore the operation status can be known. With this self
-diagnosis function, a trouble or position with error of the air conditioner can be found as shown in the table
Check code list
The following list shows each check code. Find the check contents from the list according to part to be
To check from indoor remote control: See "Wired remote control display" in the list.
To check from outdoor unit: See "Outdoor 7-segment display" in the list.
To check from indoor unit with a wireless remote control: See "Sensor block display of receiving unit" in
the list.
IPDU : Intelligent Power Drive Unit
ALT : Flashing is alternately when there are two flashing LED.
SIM : Simultaneous flashing when there are two flashing LED.
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MMD IOM 1.2 11-10-2020
Table of Contents

Table of Contents