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Sys board diagnosis tool
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This manual describes the procedure for using the SYS Board Diagnosis Tool.
This tool inspects the parts function of the SYS board, the communication functions
connecting with other boards, and the HDD function.
The setting values saved in the machine, and the software are not erased.
Do not use this tool for other purposes.
Use this tool when any of the following symptoms has occurred:
• The cause of the call for service is not known and replacing the SYS board is
determined (Conditions of the SYS board are checked).
• The equipment does not start (Control Panel is not displayed)
• A call for service related to the SYS board has occurred.
• A call for service related to the HDD has occurred.
• AN "F" series error has occurred.

Target Models

This tool can only be used on the following models. It does not work properly on any
other models.
• e-STUDIO2010AC/2510AC
• e-STUDIO2015C/2515AC/3015AC/3515AC/4515AC/5015AC
• e-STUDIO2018A/2518A/3018A/3518A/4518A/5018A
• e-STUDIO5516AC/6516AC/7516AC

USB Memory Requirements

A USB memory must be formatted in FAT 32 and meet the following requirements:
• Capacity 1GB above
• USB 2.0 or higher
Note: A USB memory that is 32GB or larger must be formatted with exFAT.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents