Hanging Bracket Kit; Installation Instructions - Bosch SV007 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Model sv - i series geothermal heat pump
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8 | Hanging Bracket Kit

Units larger than six tons include an integral
angle iron frame with mounting holes present.
(See unit horizontal detail drawing).
Horizontal units installed above the ceiling must
conform to all local codes. An auxiliary drain pan if
required by code, should be at least four inches
larger than the bottom of the heat pump.
Plumbing connected to the heat pump must not
come in direct contact with joists, trusses, walls,
etc. Some applications require an attic floor
installation of the horizontal unit. In this case the
unit should be set in a full size secondary drain pan
on top of a vibration absorbing mesh.
The secondary drain pan prevents possible
condensate overflow or water leakage damage to
the ceiling. The secondary drain pan is usually
placed on a plywood base isolated from the ceiling
joists by additional layers of vibration absorbing
mesh. In both cases, a 3/4" drain connected to this
secondary pan should be run to an eave at a
location that will be noticeable.
NOTE: If the unit is located in a crawl space,
the bottom of the unit must be at least 4"
above grade to prevent flooding of the
electrical parts due to heavy rains.

Installation Instructions

All horizontal units come with Hanging Bracket kit
to facilitate suspended unit mounting using
threaded rod. Hanging Brackets are to be installed
as shown in figure # 2
Figure # 2
This kit includes the following:
(5) Brackets.
(5) Rubber Vibrators Isolators.
(8) Screws # 10x1/2"
8 733 914 818 (2014?08)
(10) Bolts 1/4-28x1/2" Hex Bolt ( not used on this
The following are needed and are to be field
Threaded rod (3/8" max dia)
Hex Nuts
Washers (1-3/4" min O.D.)
1. Remove and discard factory provided screws
from location where Hanging Brackets will be
installed shown in Figure#3
2. Mount 5 brackets to unit corner post using the
bolts provided in the kit as shown on Figure # 4
WARNING: Do not re-use screws removed
from the unit on step 1 to mount the
hanging Brackets to the unit.
WARNING: Follow all applicable codes
requirements when hanging this unit.
Selecting threaded rod material, etc.
3. Install Rubber Grommet on the Bracket as
shown in Figure#5
Subject to change without prior notice
SV Heat PumpSeries
Figure # 3
Figure # 4
SV Heat Pump Series

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents