Safety Considerations; General Description - Bosch SV007 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Model sv - i series geothermal heat pump
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WARNING: Installation and servicing of this
equipment can be hazardous due to system
pressure and electrical components. Only
trained and qualified personnel should
install, repair, or service the equipment.
DANGER: Before performing service or
maintenance operations on the system, turn
off main power to the unit. Electrical shock
could cause personal injury or death.
CAUTION: When working on equipment,
always observe precautions described in
the literature, tags, and labels attached to
the unit. Follow all safety codes. Wear
safety glasses and work gloves. Use a
quenching cloth for brazing, and place a fire
extinguisher close to the work area.
NOTE: To avoid the release of refrigerant
into the atmosphere, the refrigerant circuit
of this unit must be serviced only by
technicians who meet local, state, and
federal proficiency requirements.
NOTE: All refrigerant discharged from this
unit must be recovered WITHOUT
EXCEPTION. Technicians must follow
industry accepted guidelines and all local,
state, and federal statutes for the recovery
and disposal of refrigerants. If a compressor
is removed from this unit, refrigerant circuit
oil will remain in the compressor. To avoid
leakage of compressor oil, refrigerant lines
of the compressor must be sealed after it is
NOTE: To avoid equipment damage, DO
NOT use these units as a source of heating
or cooling during the construction process.
Doing so may affect the unit's warranty. The
mechanical components and filters will
quickly become clogged with construction
dirt and debris, which may cause system
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The SV series water-to-air heat pump provides an
unmatched combination of performance, features
and flexibility for both high performance new
construction applications and replacement of
existing water-to-air heat pumps. All units are
certified by the Air conditioning, Heating and
Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to AHRI/ANSI/
ASHRAE/ISO standard 13256-1 for water-to-air
and brine-to-air heat pumps at both Water Loop
Heat Pump and Ground Loop Heat Pump
application points.
All Water-to-Air Heat Pumps conform to UL 1995
standard and are certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 No
236 by Intertek-ETL.
These units meet all current applicable
requirements of ASHRAE 90.1.
SV series units are designed to operate with
entering fluid temperatures between 60°F and
100°F in cooling and 50°F and 80°F in heating with
the base configuration. With the extended range
option, SV series models can operate with entering
fluid temperatures between 50°F and 110°F in
cooling and between 20°F and 80°F in heating. SV
units can accommodate a wide range of air
temperatures, however, standard SV models
should not be used for 100% outside air without
consulting the factory applications group. 100%
outside air routinely requires higher levels of
dehumidification than is available from equipment
designed for return air applications.
SV series units are available in three basic
configurations: vertical top supply air (VT),
horizontal end supply air or straight through
supply air (HZ) and counter flow down supply air
(CF). Each of these configurations are available
with either left or right hand return air. HZ models
can have the supply air field converted from end
discharge air to straight through with no extra
parts required.
SV units are designed and rated for indoor
installation only. SV units should not be installed in
environments that fall below freezing or exceed
100°F ambient. SV cabinets are constructed of
heavy gauge G-90 galvanized steel and will resist
most common types of corrosion for the life of the
Subject to change without prior notice
SV Heat PumpSeries
SV Heat Pump Series

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents