Geothermal Closed Loop Systems - Bosch SV007 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Model sv - i series geothermal heat pump
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Revised 08/14

Geothermal Closed Loop Systems

Operation of an SV Series unit on a closed loop
application requires the extended range option.
CAUTION: Closed loop and pond
applications require specialized design
knowledge. No attempt at these
installations should be made unless the
dealer has received specialized training.
Note: See Figure #5 for Condensate Drain
SV Heat Pump Series
Utilizing Ground Loop Pumping Package (GLP),
makes the installation easy. Anti-freeze solutions
must be utilized when low loop temperatures are
expected to occur. Refer to the installation
manuals for more specific instructions. See Figure
Figure # 15 Earth Coupled Application
Application Considerations | 21
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents