Application Considerations; Boiler/Cooling Tower Systems - Bosch SV007 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Model sv - i series geothermal heat pump
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Boiler/Cooling Tower Systems

To assure adequate cooling and heating
performance, the cooling tower and boiler water
loop temperature should be maintained between
50°F to 75°F in the heating mode and 60°F to
110°F in the cooling mode. In the cooling mode,
heat is rejected from the unit into the water loop.
A cooling tower provides evaporative cooling to
the loop fluid; thus, maintaining a constant supply
temperature to the unit. When utilizing an open
cooling tower, chemical water treatment is
mandatory to ensure the water is free of corrosive
A secondary heat exchanger (plate frame between
the unit and the open cooling tower) may also be
used. In the heating mode, heat is absorbed from
the water loop to the unit. A boiler can be utilized
to maintain the loop within the proper
temperature range.
Note: See Figure #5 for Condensate Drain
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No unit should be connected to the supply or
return piping until the water system has been
completely cleaned and flushed to remove dirt,
piping chips or other foreign material. Supply and
return hoses should be connected together during
this process to ensure the entire system is
properly flushed.After the cleaning and flushing
has taken place the unit may be connected to the
water loop and should have all valves wide
open.See Figure #14
Figure # 14 Cooling/Boiler Application
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SV Heat PumpSeries
NOTE: It is imperative that all air is
eliminated from the closed loop side of the
heat exchanger to prevent condenser
SV Heat Pump Series

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents