Error Code [1301] - Mitsubishi Electric PURY-HP72 Service Handbook

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[7-3 Error Code Definitions and Solutions: Codes [1000 - 1999] ]

Error Code [1301]

1. Error code definition
Low pressure fault
2. Error definition and error detection method
When starting the compressor from Stop Mode for the first time if low pressure reads 0.098MPa [14psi] immediately before
start-up, the operation immediately stops.
3. Cause, check method and remedy
Inner pressure drop due to a leakage.
Low pressure sensor failure
Short-circuited pressure sensor cable due to
torn outer rubber
A pin on the male connector is missing.
Disconnected wire
Failure of the low pressure input circuit on the
controller board
Check method and remedy
Refer to the following page(s). [8-5-3 Comparing the Low-
Pressure Sensor Measurement and Gauge Pressure](page
- 181 -
Table of Contents

Table of Contents