In Case Of Compressor Malfunction - Sanyo SAP-CMRV1424EH Technical & Service Manual

Dc inverter multi-system air conditioner
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9-5. In Case of Compressor Malfunction

9-5-1. Procedure for Replacing Compressor
(1) Recovering refrigerant
Any remaining refrigerant inside the unit should not be
released to the atmosphere, but recovered using the
refrigerant recovery unit for R410A.
Do not reuse the recovered refrigerant, since it will contain
(2) Replacing Compressor
Soon after removing seals of both discharge and suction
tubes of the new compressor, replace it quickly.
(3) Checking for sealing
Use nitrogen gas for the pressurized gas, and never use a
refrigerant other than R410A. Also do not use oxygen or
any flammable gas.
(4) Evacuation
Use a solenoid valve-installed vacuum pump so that
even if power is cut off in the middle of evacuation of air
due to a power interruption, the valve will prevent the
pump oil from flowing back.
The equipment may be damaged if moisture remains in
the tubing, thus carry out the evacuation thoroughly.
When using a vacuum pump with exhaust air volume more
than 25L/min. and ultimate vacuum pressure rate of
Standard time for evacuation
Length of tubing
Evacuation time
Should the compressor malfunction, be sure to make the switch to a replacement
compressor as quickly as possible.
Use only the tools indicated exclusively for R410A.
Specifically for R410A."
Less than 10 meters
More than 10 minutes
More than 10 meters
More than 15 minutes
See "12-3. Tools
(1) Recover refrigerant
(2) Replace compressor
(3) Check for sealing
(4) Evacuation
(5) Recharge
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