Tools Specifically For R410A; Tubing Installation Procedures - Sanyo SAP-CMRV1424EH Technical & Service Manual

Dc inverter multi-system air conditioner
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9-3. Tools Specifically for R410A

For servicing, use the following tools for R410A
Tool Distinction
Tools specifically for R410A
Tools which can be com-
monly used for R22,
R407C, and R410A
To prevent other refrigerants (R22, R407C) from being mistakenly charged to this unit, shape and external
diameter of the service port screw has been altered.
<External diameter of service port> R410A : 7.94 mm (5/16")

9-4. Tubing Installation Procedures

When the tubes are connected, always apply HAB oil on the flare portions to improve the sealing of tubing.
For details on tubing installation procedures, refer to the installation manuals attached to the indoor
unit and outdoor unit.
Gauge manifold
Charging hose
Gas leak detector
Refrigerant cylinder
Charging cylinder
Refrigerant recovery unit
Vacuum pump with anti-reverse flow (*1)
(Solenoid valve-installed type, which prevents oil from flowing back into the
unit when the power is off, is recommended.)
Vacuum pump (*2)...can be used if the following adapter is attached.
Vacuum pump adapter (reverse-flow prevention adapter) (*3).
(Solenoid valve-installed adapter attached to a conventional vacuum pump.)
Electronic scale for charging refrigerant
Flare tool
Torque wrench
Cutter, reamer
Welding tool, nitrogen gas cylinder
The above tools specifically for R410A must not be used for R22 and R407C.
Doing so will cause malfunction of the unit.
For the above vacuum pump (*1, *2) and vacuum pump adapter (*3), those for
R22-type units can be used for R410A-type. However, they must be used
exclusively for R410A and never alternately with R22 and R407C.
R22, R407C : 6.35 mm (1/4")
The following is the HAB oil generally used:
Esso: ZERICE S32
Tool Name
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