Wiring Connection; How To Connect Remote Controller For Wire Operation - Toshiba RAS-M05N4KVSG-E Installation Manual

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Wiring Connection

Indoor unit
Wiring of the connecting cable can be carried out without removing the
front panel.
1. Remove the air inlet grille.
Open the air inlet grille upward and pull it toward you.
2. Remove the terminal cover and cord clamp.
3. Insert the connecting cable (according to the local cords) into the pipe
hole on the wall.
4. Take out the connecting cable through the cable slot on the rear panel so
that it protrudes about 20 cm from the front.
5. Insert the connecting cable fully into the terminal block and secure it
tightly with screws.
6. Tightening torque : 1.2 N·m (0.12 kgf·m)
7. Secure the connecting cable with the cord clamp.
8. Fix the terminal cover, rear plate bushing and air inlet grille on the indoor
Air inlet grille
Earth line
50 mm
10 mm
10 mm
70 mm
Stripping length of the Connecting cable
Front panel
Cord clamp
Terminal cover
Connecting cable connect to 1 2 3
Terminal block (1 2 3)
Earth line
Connecting cable
How to Connect Remote Controller
for Wire Operation
For indoor unit
1 Open two screw caps and securely remove two screws at the front panel.
2. Slightly open the lower part of the front panel then pull the upper part of
the front panel toward you to remove it as shown on fi gure 1.
3. Arrange the control wire as detail and specifi cation as shown on fi gure
4. Securely connect the control wire to terminal of Display unit as shown on
fi gure 3 (tighten fi rmly but not over 0.12 N·m (0.01 kgf·m)).
5. Set the control wire out from indoor unit same portion as power supply
and connecting cable as shown on fi gure 3. (Notch for wire out)
6. Reassembly the indoor unit by reverse process of 1 to 2.
* Wire size 28-22AWG
or 0.08-0.32 mm
Outer diameter not over 4.7 mm,
control wire length 30 m. or less.
Control wire
Indoor unit
Control wire
Remote controller
Front panel
Screw cap
70 mm
5 mm
Notch for wire out
Control wire
Display unit