External Input And External Output - Fujitsu AirStage AJY040LELAH Installation Manual

Outdoor unit
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6.5.2 Wiring procedure
• Remove the service panel. And connect the cable to the terminal in accordance with the
terminal name plate.
• Use a ring terminal to connect the electric cables to the power supply terminal board.
• Keep the earth cable longer than the other cables.
• After connecting the electric cable, secure them with a cable clamp.
• Connect the cable without applying excessive tension.
• Use the specifi ed cable type and connect the cable securely.
Secure with a cable
clamp as shown in the
fi gure below.
Cable tie
Cable tie
Cable tie
Power supply
Transmission cable
How to connect wiring to the terminal
Caution when wiring cable
(1) Use ring terminals with insulating sleeves as shown in the fi gure to connect to the
terminal block.
(2) Securely clamp the ring terminals to the cables using an appropriate tool so that the
cables do not come loose.
(3) Use the specifi ed cables, connect them securely, and fasten them so that there is
no stress placed on the terminals.
(4) Use an appropriate screwdriver to tighten the terminal screws. Do not use a screw-
driver that is too small, otherwise, the screw heads may be damaged and prevent
the screws from being properly tightened.
(5) Do not tighten the terminal screws too much, otherwise, the screws may break.
(6) See the table below for the terminal screw tightening torques.
Strip 10 mm
Screw with
special washer
Ring terminal
Terminal block
Shielding the transmission cable
Connect both ends of the shielded wire of the transmission cable to the earth (ground)
terminal of the equipment or to the earth (ground) screw near the terminal.
Be sure to use one side of a twisted-pair cable when using transmission cable with 2 sets
of twisted-pair cables.
Wind with insulation tape to prevent short circuit
Use one side of the
Connect both ends of shielded wire to earth (Ground).
twisted-pair cable
M3 screw
0.5 to 0.6 N·m (5 to 6 kgf·cm)
M5 screw
2.0 to 3.0 N·m (20 to 30 kgf·cm)
Transmission terminal (M3)
Power supply terminal
Ring terminal (M5)
Earth (ground)
Transmission cable
Power supply cable
Ring terminal
Screw with
special washer
Ring terminal

6.6. External input and external output

6.6.1 Terminal position
Outdoor unit PC board
Input 5
Output 1
Output 2
Do not bundle the cable for base heater with other cables.
When connecting cable to Input 2
Cable tie (tightened with transmission cable)
Cable (for external input and output)
* If the outdoor unit is not installed in the wall, cover the
exposed part of cable with a 1 mm thick or more insula-
6.6.2 External input terminal
Setting to low noise mode, cooling priority/heating priority selection, outdoor unit operation
peak control setting, emergency/batch stop and electricity meter pulse are possible from
the outside.
Wiring method and specifi cations
* A twisted pair cable (22 AWG (0.33 mm²)) should be used. Maximum length of cable is
150 m.
* Use an external input and output cable with appropriate external dimension, depending
on the number of cables to be installed
* For each input, pin No. 1 is of positive polarity and pin No. 2 is of ground level.
connected unit connected unit
Base heater
(CN115: Black)
Input 4
(CN134: Red)
Input 3
(CN133: White)
Input 2
(CN132: Green)
Input 1
(CN131: Yellow)
Cable (for external
input and output)
connected unit
connected unit connected unit
Table of Contents

Table of Contents