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Wall mounted type
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Care and Cleaning (continued)
Replacing the air cleaning fi lters
Remove the air fi lter. (Refer to step 1 and 2 in "Cleaning the air
fi lters".)
Release 2 latches a of the fi lter holder, and turn over the holder
in direction of arrow b.
Remove the soiled air cleaning fi lter c.
Air cleaning fi lter is attached on each air fi lter.
Attach new or maintained air cleaning fi lter d to the fi lter holder.
New air cleaning fi lter can be attached to either of the right holder
or the left holder.
Latch 2 corners of the fi lter holder e to the air fi lter fi rmly.
Reinstall the air fi lter. (Refer to step 6 in "Cleaning the air fi lters".)
Close the intake grille fi rmly.
(Refer to step 4 in "Cleaning the intake grille".)
Following 2 types of air cleaning fi lters are used in this product.
When you replace them, purchase dedicated air cleaning fi lters for this
Apple-catechin fi lter: UTR-FA16
The Apple-catechin fi lter uses static electricity to clean fi ne particles
and dust in the air such as tobacco smoke and plant pollen that are
too small to see.
• This fi lter is disposable. Do not wash or reuse it.
• Once you open the package, use it as soon as possible. The
cleaning effect is reduced if the fi lter is left with the package opened.
• Replace the fi lter once every 3 months under normal use.
• By setting the fan speed high, the air cleaning effect increases.
Ion deodorization fi lter: UTR-FA16-2
The fi lter deodorizes by powerfully decomposing absorbed odors
using the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions generated by the
ultra-fi ne-particle ceramic.
• To maintain the deodorizing effect, clean the fi lter once every 3
months as follows:
1. Remove the fi lter.
2. Flush the fi lter with high-pressure hot water until the surface of
the fi lter is covered with water.
3. Wash the fi lter gently with diluent neutral detergent. Do not wash
it by wringing or rubbing to prevent reducing the deodorizing
effect by damage.
4. Rinse the fi lter well with water fl ow.
5. Dry the fi lter thoroughly in a shaded place.
6. Reinstall the fi lter to the indoor unit.
• Replace the fi lter once every 3 years under normal use.
After extended non-use of the unit
If you have shut down the indoor unit for 1 month or more, perform the
FAN operation for half a day to dry the internal parts thoroughly before
you perform normal operation.
Additional inspection
After long period of use, accumulated dust inside the indoor unit may
reduce the product performance even if you have maintained the unit
with instructed daily care or cleaning procedures written in this manual.
In such a case, a product inspection is recommended.
For more information, consult authorized service personnel.
Filter Indicator Reset (Special setting)
• This function can be used if set correctly during installation.
Please consult authorized service personnel in order to use this
• Clean the air fi lter when the indicator lamp show the following;
ECONOMY indicator lamp
After cleaning, reset the fi lter indicator by pushing the "MANUAL AUTO"
button on the indoor unit for 3 seconds or less.
(1 sheet)
(Light blue, 1 sheet)
Flashes 3 times, at intervals of 21
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