Bosch Rexroth Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Operating Instructions Manual page 18

Variable-speed pump drives
Bosch Rexroth AG
Safety instructions for electric drives and controls
Protection against dangerous movements
Danger to life, risk of injury by electric shock! High electrical voltage by incor‐
rect connection!
If extra-low voltage circuits of devices containing voltages and circuits of
more than 50 volts (e.g., the mains connection) are connected to Rexroth
products, the connected extra-low voltage circuits must comply with the re‐
quirements for PELV ("Protective Extra-Low Voltage").
Dangerous movements can be caused by faulty control of connected motors.
Some common examples are:
Improper or wrong wiring or cable connection
Operator errors
Wrong input of parameters before commissioning
Malfunction of sensors and encoders
Defective components
Software or firmware errors
These errors can occur immediately after equipment is switched on or even
after an unspecified time of trouble-free operation.
The monitoring functions in the components of the electric drive and control
system will normally be sufficient to avoid malfunction in the connected
drives. Regarding personal safety, especially the danger of injury and/or
property damage, this alone cannot be relied upon to ensure complete safety.
Until the integrated monitoring functions become effective, it must be as‐
sumed in any case that faulty drive movements will occur. The extent of faulty
drive movements depends upon the type of control and the state of opera‐
Dangerous movements! Danger to life, risk of injury, serious injury or property
A risk assessment must be prepared for the installation or machine, with its
specific conditions, in which the components of the electric drive and control
system are installed.
As a result of the risk assessment, the user must provide for monitoring func‐
tions and higher-level measures on the installation side for personal safety.
The safety regulations applicable to the installation or machine must be taken
into consideration. Unintended machine movements or other malfunctions
are possible if safety devices are disabled, bypassed or not activated.
To avoid accidents, injury and/or property damage:
Keep free and clear of the machine's range of motion and moving ma‐
chine parts. Prevent personnel from accidentally entering the machine's
range of motion by using, for example:
Safety fences
Safety guards
Protective coverings
Light barriers
Make sure the safety fences and protective coverings are strong enough
to resist maximum possible kinetic energy.
Mount emergency stopping switches in the immediate reach of the oper‐
ator. Before commissioning, verify that the emergency stopping equip‐
Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Variable-Speed Pump Drives