Bosch Rexroth Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Operating Instructions Manual page 15

Variable-speed pump drives
Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Variable-Speed Pump Drives
Hazards by improper use
Applications for functional safety are only allowed if clearly and explicitly
specified in the application documentation "Integrated Safety Technolo‐
gy". If this is not the case, they are excluded. Functional safety is a safe‐
ty concept in which measures of risk reduction for personal safety de‐
pend on electrical, electronic or programmable control systems.
The information given in the application documentation with regard to
the use of the delivered components contains only examples of applica‐
tions and suggestions.
The machine and installation manufacturers must
make sure that the delivered components are suited for their indi‐
vidual application and check the information given in this applica‐
tion documentation with regard to the use of the components,
make sure that their individual application complies with the appli‐
cable safety regulations and standards and carry out the required
measures, modifications and complements.
Commissioning of the delivered components is only allowed once it is
sure that the machine or installation in which the components are instal‐
led complies with the national regulations, safety specifications and
standards of the application.
Operation is only allowed if the national EMC regulations for the applica‐
tion are met.
The instructions for installation in accordance with EMC requirements
can be found in the section on EMC in the respective application docu‐
The machine or installation manufacturer is responsible for compliance
with the limit values as prescribed in the national regulations.
The technical data, connection and installation conditions of the compo‐
nents are specified in the respective application documentations and
must be followed at all times.
National regulations which the user has to comply with
European countries: In accordance with European EN standards
United States of America (USA):
National Electrical Code (NEC)
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), as well as
local engineering regulations
Regulations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Canada: Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Other countries:
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
High electrical voltage and high working current! Danger to life or seri‐
ous injury by electric shock!
High electrical voltage by incorrect connection! Danger to life or injury by
electric shock!
Dangerous movements! Danger to life, serious injury or property dam‐
age by unintended motor movements!
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