Bosch Rexroth Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Operating Instructions Manual page 14

Variable-speed pump drives
Bosch Rexroth AG
Safety instructions for electric drives and controls
General information
Using the Safety instructions and passing them on to others
Requirements for safe use
requires. To comply with these qualifications, it is necessary, among other
to be trained, instructed or authorized to switch electric circuits and devi‐
ces safely on and off, to ground them and to mark them.
to be trained or instructed to maintain and use adequate safety equip‐
to attend a course of instruction in first aid.
A user is a person installing, commissioning or using a product which has
been placed on the market.
Do not attempt to install and operate the components of the electric drive and
control system without first reading all documentation provided with the prod‐
uct. Read and understand these safety instructions and all user documenta‐
tion prior to working with these components. If you do not have the user doc‐
umentation for the components, contact your responsible Rexroth sales part‐
ner. Ask for these documents to be sent immediately to the person or per‐
sons responsible for the safe operation of the components.
If the component is resold, rented and/or passed on to others in any other
form, these safety instructions must be delivered with the component in the
official language of the user's country.
Improper use of these components, failure to follow the safety instructions in
this document or tampering with the product, including disabling of safety de‐
vices, could result in property damage, injury, electric shock or even death.
Read the following instructions before initial commissioning of the compo‐
nents of the electric drive and control system in order to eliminate the risk of
injury and/or property damage. You must follow these safety instructions.
Rexroth is not liable for damages resulting from failure to observe the
safety instructions.
Read the operating, maintenance and safety instructions in your lan‐
guage before commissioning. If you find that you cannot completely un‐
derstand the application documentation in the available language,
please ask your supplier to clarify.
Proper and correct transport, storage, mounting and installation, as well
as care in operation and maintenance, are prerequisites for optimal and
safe operation of the component.
Only qualified persons may work with components of the electric drive
and control system or within its proximity.
Only use accessories and spare parts approved by Rexroth.
Follow the safety regulations and requirements of the country in which
the components of the electric drive and control system are operated.
Only use the components of the electric drive and control system in the
manner that is defined as appropriate. See chapter "Appropriate Use".
The ambient and operating conditions given in the available application
documentation must be observed.
Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Variable-Speed Pump Drives