Bosch Rexroth Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Operating Instructions Manual page 13

Variable-speed pump drives
Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Variable-Speed Pump Drives
Safety instructions for electric drives and controls
Definitions of terms
Application documentation
Control system
Electrical equipment
Electric drive system
Project Planning Manual
Qualified persons
Application documentation comprises the entire documentation used to in‐
form the user of the product about the use and safety-relevant features for
configuring, integrating, installing, mounting, commissioning, operating, main‐
taining, repairing and decommissioning the product. The following terms are
also used for this kind of documentation: Operating Instructions, Commis‐
sioning Manual, Instruction Manual, Project Planning Manual, Application De‐
scription, etc.
A component is a combination of elements with a specified function, which
are part of a piece of equipment, device or system. Components of the elec‐
tric drive and control system are, for example, supply units, drive controllers,
mains choke, mains filter, motors, cables, etc.
A control system comprises several interconnected control components
placed on the market as a single functional unit.
A device is a finished product with a defined function, intended for users and
placed on the market as an individual piece of merchandise.
Electrical equipment encompasses all devices used to generate, convert,
transmit, distribute or apply electrical energy, such as electric motors, trans‐
formers, switching devices, cables, lines, power-consuming devices, circuit
board assemblies, plug-in units, control cabinets, etc.
An electric drive system comprises all components from mains supply to mo‐
tor shaft; this includes, for example, electric motor(s), motor encoder(s), sup‐
ply units and drive controllers, as well as auxiliary and additional compo‐
nents, such as mains filter, mains choke and the corresponding lines and ca‐
An installation consists of several devices or systems interconnected for a
defined purpose and on a defined site which, however, are not intended to be
placed on the market as a single functional unit.
A machine is the entirety of interconnected parts or units at least one of
which is movable. Thus, a machine consists of the appropriate machine drive
elements, as well as control and power circuits, which have been assembled
for a specific application. A machine is, for example, intended for processing,
treatment, movement or packaging of a material. The term "machine" also
covers a combination of machines which are arranged and controlled in such
a way that they function as a unified whole.
The manufacturer is an individual or legal entity bearing responsibility for the
design and manufacture of a product which is placed on the market in the in‐
dividual's or legal entity's name. The manufacturer can use finished products,
finished parts or finished elements, or contract out work to subcontractors.
However, the manufacturer must always have overall control and possess
the required authority to take responsibility for the product.
Examples of a product: Device, component, part, system, software, firmware,
among other things.
A Project Planning Manual is part of the application documentation used to
support the sizing and planning of systems, machines or installations.
In terms of this application documentation, qualified persons are those per‐
sons who are familiar with the installation, mounting, commissioning and op‐
eration of the components of the electric drive and control system, as well as
with the hazards this implies, and who possess the qualifications their work
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Safety instructions for electric drives and controls