Bosch Rexroth Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Operating Instructions Manual page 11

Variable-speed pump drives
Sytronix SvP 7020 PFC Variable-Speed Pump Drives
Important directions for use
Appropriate use
Areas of use and application
Rexroth products represent state-of-the-art developments and manufacturing.
They are tested prior to delivery to ensure operating safety and reliability.
The products have been designed for use in the industrial environment and
may only be used in the appropriate way. If they are not used in the appropri‐
ate way, situations resulting in property damage and personal injury can oc‐
Rexroth as manufacturer is not liable for any damages resulting
from inappropriate use. In such cases, the guarantee and the
right to payment of damages resulting from inappropriate use are
forfeited. The user alone carries all responsibility of the risks.
Before using Rexroth products, make sure that all the pre-requisites for an
appropriate use of the products are satisfied:
Personnel that in any way, shape or form uses our products must first
read and understand the relevant safety instructions and be familiar with
their appropriate use.
If the products take the form of hardware, then they must remain in their
original state, in other words, no structural changes are permitted. It is
not permitted to decompile software products or alter source codes.
Do not install damaged or faulty products or put them into operation.
Make sure that the products have been installed in the manner descri‐
bed in the relevant documentation.
Drive controllers made by Rexroth are designed to control electric motors and
monitor their operation.
Control and monitoring of the Drive controllers may require additional sensors
and actuators.
The drive controllers may only be used with the accessories and
parts specified in this documentation. If a component has not
been specifically named, then it may neither be mounted nor con‐
nected. The same applies to cables and lines.
Operation is only permitted in the specified configurations and
combinations of components using the software and firmware as
specified in the relevant Functional Descriptions.
Drive controllers have to be programmed before commissioning to ensure
that the motor executes the specific functions of an application.
Drive controllers of the Rexroth IndraDrive series have been developed for
use in single- and multi-axis drive and control tasks.
Bosch Rexroth AG
Important directions for use
Personal injury and property damage caused
by incorrect use of the products!