Operational Conditions - Toshiba e-STUDIO2010AC Management Manual

Multifunctional digital color systems / multifunctional digital systems
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1.The High Security Mode
 Operational conditions
Follow the operating guidance above, otherwise your confidential information will not be protected from
leakage or unauthorized access to this equipment.
Be sure to set [MFP Local Authentication] for [Authentication Method] in the [User Management] screen. If
[Windows Domain Authentication] or [LDAP Authentication] is set for user authentication, the equipment will
not be covered by CC Certification.
Manually select [FULL] and perform the integrity check at the time of installation and during use periodically.
For details of the integrity check, refer to the MFP Management Guide.
Do not change the communication settings of the equipment from the initial values. Communication via a
network can be protected by TLS if no such changes are made.
In any of the following cases, contact your service technician.
 If the icon showing that the internal storage device is encrypted (
 The displayed system version differs from the actual one.
In the High Security Mode, the following functions cannot be used.
 e-Filing
 Interrupt copy
 Network Fax
 AddressBook Viewer
 File Downloader
 TWAIN Driver
 e-Filing BackUp/Restore Utility
 Scheduled printing
 Disabling log authentication
 Mailbox
 E-mail reception print
 Disabling POP3 setting
 Data Backup/Restore
The automatic log-in function in the client software which comes with this equipment is not available. Be sure
to enter the user name and password when using client software.
Any data sent to this equipment, such as a Fax and Internet Fax printed or received from a printer driver*, can
be outputted only when a user with the printing privilege is logged in.
Use IPP SSL/TLS to communicate with this equipment.
10 Precautions on Using the High Security Mode
) is not displayed.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents