Notes For Machine Operators; 11.1 General Information; 11.2 Diagnosing Failures And Removing Errors - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

Notes for Machine Operators

11.1 General Information

11.2 Diagnosing Failures and Removing Errors

Diagnosing Failures
Resetting an Error
Replacing Defective Drive
Testing and Repairs
LSA Control S.L. [email protected] (+34) 960 62 43 01
Time-consuming debugging attempts and repair of drive components at
the machine cannot be accepted due to the production downtimes this
The modularity of the Rexroth AC drives allows replacing individual drive
components. In case servicing becomes necessary, you can confine
yourself to locating errors at the motor, at the drive controller or at the
supply unit and to replacing the respective component.
Repeated adjustments are not required.
The supply unit signals operating states, warnings or errors via the display
at the front of the device.
Prerequisites for diagnosing failures are that the control voltage +24 V is
within tolerance and the processors in the supply unit and the drive
controllers are working without error.
Stored error messages have to be reset before the device is ready for
operation again. An error can be reset by
pressing the "ESC" button at the control panel for starting the RESET
command (cf. S-0-0099, C0500 Reset class 1 diagnostics) or
switching off the control voltage supply
RESET command via the module bus (by drive)
Destruction of the supply unit when power is
switched on and a drive controller is defective!
⇒ After having reset an overcurrent error and after
having replaced a defective supply unit, the error
memories of the drive controllers have to be read
before the supply unit is switched on again.
If a defective components has to be replaced, the following aspects have
to be observed:
Only Rexroth service engineers or especially trained users are allowed to
replace the control section. The replacement of the entire drive
controller is described in the Project Planning Manual for the power
Only Rexroth service engineers are allowed to replace optional modules
of the control section.
The replacement of the supply unit is described in the Project Planning
Manual for the supply unit.
In case devices fail within the warranty period, the defective components
have to be returned to Bosch Rexroth; for addresses and telephone
numbers please see the printed documentation (chapter "Service &
Support") or the Internet (
If tests or repairs are required, the following applies:
Notes for Machine Operators

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents