E8260 Torque/Force Command Value Limit Active - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

E8260 Torque/force command value limit active

"Closed-loop operation"
Acceleration capability of drive has been exceeded.
In "position control" mode this means that there is an
ever-increasing position deviation between
command and actual value (lag error)
"Closed-loop operation"
Torque/force limit values incorrectly parameterized
"Open-loop operation"
Acceleration capability of controlled drive has been
exceeded (velocity command value ramp too steep)
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Supported by Firmware Variant:
Apart from the dynamic actual torque/force value limitation by means of a
motor or amplifier temperature model there also are parameterizable
limitations of the torque/force command value. One or several limit values
have been reached.
For the occurrence of warning E8260 there are different
causes and remedies for "closed-loop operation" and "open-
loop operation"!
In position control, reduce the preset acceleration value
or velocity value so that the drive can follow the position
command value characteristic
Increase values of S-0-0082, Torque/force limit value
positive; S-0-0083, Torque/force limit value negative;
S-0-0092, Bipolar torque/force limit value and
P-0-0109, Torque/force peak limit, if necessary
Maximum change of velocity with which drive can follow
command values is determined by the motor. This
possibly requires adjustment of P-0-0569, Maximum
stator frequency change
E8260 - Attributes
Mess. no.:
E8260 (hex)
Warning Diagnostic Messages (Exxxx)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents