F2028 Excessive Deviation - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

F2028 Excessive deviation

Parameterized monitoring window too small
Too high command acceleration due to incorrect
command value set by control unit
Numeric value in S-0-0092, Bipolar torque/force
limit value too low
Axis is blocked or sluggish
Incorrect or non-optimized control loop parameters
Acceleration capacity of drive was exceeded
LSA Control S.L. www.lsa-control.com [email protected] (+34) 960 62 43 01
Supported by Firmware Variant:
When the position control loop is closed the drive monitors whether it can
follow the preset position command value. To do this a actual model
position value is calculated in the drive and compared with the real actual
position value. If the difference of calculated and real actual position value
exceeds the value entered in parameter S-0-0159, Monitoring window it
is obvious that the drive cannot follow the preset command value and the
error F2028 is generated.
The maximum deviation between calculated and real actual
position value can be read from P-0-0098, Max. model
Check and, if necessary, correct content of S-0-0159,
Monitoring window
Reduce acceleration value set by the control unit (see
control unit manual)
Check content of parameter S-0-0092, Bipolar
torque/force limit value and set it to maximum value
allowed for application
Check mechanical system and remove axis blocking
Check control loop setting (e. g. S-0-0104, Position
loop Kv-factor, S-0-0100, Velocity loop proportional
gain, P-0-0556, Control word of axis controller)
Check drive dimensioning
F2028 - Attributes
Mess. no.:
F2028 (hex)
Error Messages

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents