Basics On Device Diagnosis; Diagnostic System; Coded Diagnostic Drive Messages - Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Troubleshooting Manual

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Rexroth IndraDrive

Basics on Device Diagnosis


Diagnostic System

Coded Diagnostic Drive Messages

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Brief Description
The drive provides a diagnostic system including different possibilities that
are basically divided into two groups:
• recognizing and displaying the current drive status by means of drive-
internal, priority-dependent generation of diagnostic messages
• collective messages for diverse status messages
Additionally, there are parameters for all important operating data the
values of which can be transmitted both via master communication (e.g.
SERCOS) and a parameterization interface (RS-232/485 in the ASCII
protocol or SIS protocol; see "Serial Communication").
Pertinent Parameters
• S-0-0030, Manufacturer version
• S-0-0095, Diagnostic message
• S-0-0140, Controller type
• S-0-0142, Application type
• S-0-0375, List of diagnostic numbers
• S-0-0390, Diagnostic message number
• P-0-0009, Error number
• P-0-0478, Logbook event
• P-0-0479, Logbook time stamp
Drive-Internal Generation of Diagnostic Messages
Operating states, activities and reactions of the drive controller are
detected by drive-internal generation of diagnostic messages and appear
in coded form on the display of the control panel. In addition, these
diagnostic messages can be transmitted to the master (control unit or
commissioning software, e.g. DriveTop).
The following categories of diagnostic messages are differentiated (kinds
of diagnostic messages):
• errors
• warnings
• commands/command errors
• status displays/operating states
Generally, the current diagnostic message with the highest priority is
displayed or stored at the following locations in the drive:
• Display of the control panel
The diagnostic message number appears on the 8-digit display of the
standard control panel.
• S-0-0095, Diagnostic message
This parameter contains the operating status of the drive at present
relevant in the form of a plain text. Preceding the text is the respective
content of parameter S-0-0390.
Basics on Device Diagnosis

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents