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Primary Audio Language - Preferred audio
language on selected DVB channels.
Secondary Audio Language - Secondary audio language
in case audio in primary language is not available.
Primary Subtitle Language - Preferred subtitles
language on selected DVB channels.
Secondary Subtitle Language - Secondary subtitles language
in case subtitles in primary language are not available.
Lock - Allows you to lock or unlock the menu. You will be asked to
enter a 4 digit password. Use the ◄ button to quit the password
input. Use the ► button to clear. Default password is 0000.
Set Password - Change the default password.
Channel lock - Lock speci c TV channels.
Parental Guidance - Lock TV channels based on age restriction.
HDMI Settings - Set up the HDMI functionality.
CEC Control* - Enable/disable HDMI CEC function. This allows you
to operate devices connected via HDMI with TV remote control.
Device Auto Power Off * - If set on, all devices connected to
TV via HDMI will go into standby when television turns o .
TV Auto Power On* - Enable television turning on from
standby when any connected HDMI device powers up.
HDMI ARC - Sends audio signal via HDMI to connected audio device (AV
receiver, soudbar etc.). This function is available only on HDMI 3 input.
HDMI 2.0 Format - This item allows you to switch modes of
selected HDMI input between HDMI and HDMI2.0 mode.
Standard - recommended if the TV is connected
to a device with a HDMI 1.4 output or lower, for
example Full HD Blu-Ray player, DVD player.
Enhanced - recommended if the TV is connected to a device
with a HDMI 2.0 output, for example 4K Blu-ray player or
modern PC. This setting is required for HDR content.
Detect - Shows list of devices connected via HDMI.
* - HDMI CEC must be supported by connected device.
Source Rename - this allows user to manually rename
items in your list of input sources. For example, you can
rename inputs to the names of connected devices.
Expert Settings
Hearing Impaired - If signal provides support for the hearing
impaired, the subtitles can be played by pressing the "Subtitle". If
you set Hearing Impaired ON and switch to a channel with supports
for hearing impaired subtitles will be activated automatically.
Store Mode* - switch ON/OFF shop demonstration mode
* - available only if store mode was selected during rst time installation
System Information - Shows the set name and software version.
System Upgrade - Allows you to update your TV.
Software Update (USB) - From time to time, we may release
new rmware to improve the operation of the television
(available to download). This menu lets you install the new
software/ rmware onto the television. Further details of
how to do this will be issued with the rmware. Contact the
helpline or refer to the '' website.
WARNING: Do not turn o the TV's power until the upgrade is complete!
OAD - Switch on/o OAD (over air download)
software updates (only in Digital TV).
OAD Scan - Scan for an Over Air Download (only in Digital TV).
Reset TV - Reset the television.
Netfl ix ESN Key - Shows the Net ix ESN Key code.
Netfl ix Version - Net ix software version.
Netfl ix Deactivate - Deactivate Net ix on this set.
Netfl ix Terminate - Delete Net ix login information on this set.
Multimedia mode o ers the playback of various content saved on a USB
Memory Stick. The content will be divided into various le types: Photo,
Music and Movie.
The 'File Option' will show and allow you to play all types of supported
You can navigate through the menu using the scroll ▲/▼/◄/►
buttons. To con rm the item you wish to play/view press [OK] button.
While viewing content you can control the playback modes using the
remote control buttons or by bringing up the playback navigation
menu and selecting on-screen buttons ▲/▼/◄/► and [OK]
NOTE: USB extension cables are not recommended as
they can cause a reduction in picture/audio quality and
stoppages during play back of USB content.
Allows you to view content from your smart phone or tablet on the TV
screen. Miracast is formed using Wi-Fi Direct, so access to a Wi-Fi network is
not needed. You can share content from your smartphone or tablet based
on Android 4.4 and newer system.
Media Server
Automatically searches for digital media servers (DMS) connected to your
home network and enables the playback and rendering of content from
media servers
* - This function is only available on selected smartphones and note-
From this menu, you can switch your TV input signal to di erent source/
connected device.


To activate the channel list, press the [OK] button when watching TV. This
allows you to quickly select a channel to watch – select the desired channel
by using the up and down arrows or the CH +/- buttons on the remote
control. Press [OK] to watch.
While in this menu the following two options can be selected:
Filter Channels; press [INFO]: This allows you to lter
the channels shown in the channel list by type.
Edit Channels; press [MENU]: Entering this function allows
you add channels to your favorite list, delete, move or skip
channels. Use the arrow buttons to select the option.
Fav - add a channel to your favorite list by pressing [OK] when on the
desired channel. Press again to remove from favorite list. Favorites can be
selected in normal Digital Television mode by pressing the [FAV] button.
Delete - Permanently delete channel. Can only be recovered by
retuning. To select a channel for deletion, press the [OK] button.
Move - Move selected channel to di erent position. Press [OK] on
chosen channel and move selected channel with up and down arrows to
desired position. Press [OK] to con rm its new position in channel list.
NOTE: To move channels, ensure in Channel menu is
"LCN" and "Auto update channel list" turned o .
Skip - When in the Digital Television mode, and using the CH +/- buttons,
the selected channel will be skipped. Select a channel to be skipped
by pressing the [OK] button, to deselect press the [OK] button again.

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