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Remote control

STANDBY – Switch on TV when in standby or vice versa.
MUTE – Mute the sound or vice versa.
0 – 9 – to select a TV channel directly.
TV GUIDE – Opens the 7 Day TV Guide (Digital mode).
– To return to the previous channel viewed.
PICTURE – Scrolls through picture mode options.
VOL ▲/▼ – To increase / decrease the sound level.
CH ▲/▼ – To increase or decrease the channel being watched.
SOUND – Scrolls through sound mode options.
10. SOURCE – To display the input/source menu.
11. MENU – To display OSD menu.
12. EXIT – To exit all menus.
13. (▲/▼/◄/►/ OK) – Allows you to navigate the on-screen menus and
adjust the system settings to your preference.
14. BACK – Back to previous menu.
15. FAV – To display favourites menu.
16. INFO – Press once for now/next channel information. Press twice for
programme information about current programme.
17. TEXT – Teletext mode - To enter Teletext
18. SUBTITLE – To switch the dialogue at the bottom of the screen (on/
o ).
19. TV – Switch to digital TV source.
20. YouTube – Displays YouTube application
21. NETFLIX – Displays NETFLIX application
22. NET+ – Displays AQUOS NET+ menu.
23. Rec
– PVR Record
– To restart the current chapter
– To advance forward to the next chapter
– To stop the playback
27. Rec List
– Opens the list of recordings.
– To play in fast rewind mode.
– To play in fast forward mode.
– To play/pause
31. COLOUR BUTTONS – Additional teletext and OSD functions
- available only with PVR function

TV Menu navigation

To access this menu, press [MENU] button on the remote control. To enter
a menu press [OK]. If you wish to make changes to any of the default
settings, use the scroll (▲/▼/◄/►) buttons. To con rm any settings press
[OK] button. To exit this menu at anytime, press [EXIT] button.
Contains the most commonly used apps for quick and easy access.
Netfl ix
World's leading Internet television network. It is o ering thousands
of movies and TV shows, including original series, documentaries and
feature lms. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without
commercials or commitments. You can log in to this application with your
existing Net ix account. If you do not have Net ix account yet, you can
register via this app or via o cial Net ix website.
Videosharing app allows you to discover and watch originally-created
NOTE: For Youtube app to work, it is required to have set up correct date
and time in TV. For more information about setting up date/time in TV,
please refer to the TIME menu chapter of this user guide. Please ensure
that your network is not blocking access to YouTube and the speed of
your internet connection is fast enough for viewing YouTube content.
Opens the Sharp SMART portal.
Application for accessing websites via the internet. Navigation in the
CH+ - scroll page up
CH- - scroll page down
Red Button - show/hide browser menu bar
Yellow Button - Zoom in
Blue Button - Zoom out
Audio Track - Allows you to choose di erent
audio language for Digital TV or media.
Subtitle - Turn subtitles on and o
Subtitle Track - Appears when Subtitles (above) are turned on
and allows you to select which subtitle track is to be used
Teletext - Turn Teletext on or o
Record List - Shows a list of recorded TV programmes via
a connected USB memory stick or USB hard drive.
Schedule List - Allows you to view your reminders and recordings.
Picture Mode - Choose from the following presets.
Standard - Default settings
Movie - Set to be lighter in colour and less bright.
Game - Optimal mode for gaming. TV will turn o all picture
postprocessing functions to achieve minimal input lag.
Personal - Lets you manually alter all the settings.
Eco - Consume 15% less energy.
Dynamic - Recommended settings for fast moving pictures.
Brightness - Increase or decrease the brightness of the picture.
Contrast - Switch the balance between black and white.
Colour - Increases the colour from black and white.
Sharpness - Increase or decrease the sharpness of the picture.
Tint - Lets you increase or decrease the level of tint
within the picture (for NTSC signal only).
Colour Temperature - Choose from the following presets.
Standard - Default settings.
Warm - Increases red within the picture.
Cold - Increases blue within the picture.
Personal - Personal RGB balance from „Expert Settings"
menu. Suggested only for advanced users.
Aspect Ratio - Picture format varies depending on the channel/broadcast.
There are a number of di erent options to best meet your needs.
Auto - Automatically displays the best picture format.
So the picture is in the correct position. May have
black lines at the top/bottom and/or sides.
4:3 - Displays the 4:3 picture in its original size.
Side bars are shown to ll the 16:9 screen.
16:9 - Fills the screen with a regular 16:9 signal.
Zoom 1/2 - The picture is the correct proportion
but zoomed in to ll the screen.
Dot by Dot (HDMI) - Will display the picture in its
original resolution without any change.
Full Screen - Stretch signal to ll the screen.
Expert Settings
Noise Reduction - Filters and reduces the
noise (interference) of the picture.
Gamma - Adjust the tones between the bright
and dark parts of the picture.

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