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Preparing your rst bottle continued
Make sure your Formula Pro® Advanced is plugged in.
Press the "powder setting" button repeatedly
to select your setting 1 - 10.
It is essential that you choose the correct
setting for your formula brand and type.
Go to to nd the correct setting for
your formula powder.
Press the "temp" button to select temperature.
= Slightly warmer than body temperature
= Body temperature
= Room temperature
The temperature indicator will ash when
heating and will stay solid when the set
temperature is reached.
Press the "ml/oz" button repeatedly to select
the milliliters/ounces of water you want
to dispense.
Milliliter/Ounce size indicates water
volume only. It does not include the volume
of powder added when mixing.
Press the "start" button to dispense formula.
The formula pro will remember the setting
& milliliter/ounce size even if it is unplugged.
You do not need to select a powder setting
every time you make a bottle.
You can always change the milliliter/ounce size or
powder setting by pressing the buttons again.
Preparing your rst bottle continued
The Formula Pro® Advanced will dispense
powder & water together, then stop
automatically when dispensing is complete.
Some clumping may occur with some formula
powders inherently di cult to mix with water.
Check for clumps and shake or stir the bottle
if necessary. Check temperature and feed
your baby.
Check the level
of mixed formula.
PLEASE NOTE: The level will appear higher
than the milliliter/ounce size selected because
of added powder volume and/or variance in
bottle markings.
Example: 120ml (4oz) of water plus powder volume
is approximately 135ml (4.5oz) depending on your
formula powder type.
Re ll the powder when the arms of the
stirring wheel become visible. This is very
important for accurate formula measuring.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents