Warning Symbols - Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Instructions For Set-Up, Use And Cleaning

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Preparing your rst bottle
Carefully pour formula powder into the
powder container. Wipe up any spilled
formula powder.
Place the powder container lid on the
powder container and turn clockwise
until it stops.
This will engage the safety switch & lock
the powder container onto the base.
To remove the powder container, turn the
lid counter-clockwise.
Make sure that the powder is lled between the
MIN & MAX lines on the powder container.
Fit the drip tray on the base to t your bottle
height. Adjust it so the mouth of the bottle is
as close to the funnel as possible.
Push the drip tray rmly against the base to
set it in place.
Now let's review the controls on the next page.
Formula Pro®Advanced - controls & operation
LCD Display:
Shows selected functions & warnings
Powder setting
button: Press to
select setting number
for your formula
brand and type.
Water only button:
Press to dispense
ounces displayed
Temp button:
on LCD (selected by
Press to select your
the "ml/oz" button)
warming temperature.
Temperature indicator symbols
= Room temperature
= Body temperature
Powder & water settings
Powder Setting Indicator - Use the "powder setting" button to chose your powder setting 1-10.
ml/oz Indicator - Use the "ml/oz" button to chose how many milliliters/ounces of water to mix with
powder. 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240, 270 and 300ml (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10oz).
There is no option to make a 30ml (1oz) bottle.

Warning symbols

The Formula Pro® Advanced will not run if any of these symbols are illuminated on the LCD display.
Powder Lid Open - The powder container lid is not closed completely or is not on the powder container
correctly. Close the powder container lid completely and correctly when this symbol is illuminated.
Low Water - Re ll water tank when this symbol is illuminated.
Clean Funnel - This symbol will illuminate after every 4 bottles are made. When this symbol is illuminated,
remove funnel assembly, wash, and dry completely, then place it back into the base. See Page 11 for details.
Funnel Out - Funnel is removed or not inserted completely. Make sure the funnel is pushed all the way in
when this symbol is illuminated.
Stop button:
Press to stop
formula or water.
Start button:
ml/oz button:
Press to start
Press to select milliliters
/ounces of water dispensed.
= Slightly warmer than body temperature
Table of Contents

Table of Contents