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Don't take anything apart yet.
Follow these steps before doing anything else.
• Place the Formula Pro® Advanced on the counter or other level surface and turn it around so the back is facing you.
• Remove the water tank from the back of the machine, wash it with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly, then dry.
• Fill water tank with distilled or purified water suitable for infant formula preparation, or boiled water, cooled to
room temperature.
• Place water tank back on base, turn the machine around so the front is facing you and then plug it in.
• The machine will beep once to tell you it's powered on. You'll also see the LCD display turn on.
Now let's rinse the inside of the machine.
• Get a cup or bottle larger than 300ml (10oz) and place it under the funnel.
• Press the "ml/oz" button on the control panel repeatedly until the LCD screen says "300ml (10oz)"
• Now press the "water only" button on the control panel. The Formula Pro® Advanced will dispense 300ml (10oz) of water.
• Dispose of the water dispensed, or use it to water your plants.
Now you can unplug the machine, remove all
the parts shown on the next page and set-up
your new Formula Pro® Advanced.
• Get familiar with the part names on the next page, then proceed with the set-up on the following pages.
Formula Pro®Advanced - parts
Disassemble and wash all parts (except the base) and dry thoroughly. Assemble as shown on pages 5 & 6.
Disassembly tip:
To remove the Stirring Wheel, grasp it
as shown above & pull up while
holding the powder container down.
Control Panel
Funnel Cover
Funnel Compartment
Bottle Grate
Powder Container Lid
Stirring Wheel
Locking Cover with Silicone Scraper
Measuring Wheel
Powder Container
Never clean the Powder Container
in a dishwasher, sterilizer or microwave!
Powder-Dispensing Hole
Water Tank
Power Cord
(on back - not shown)
Drip Tray
Table of Contents

Table of Contents