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E-core led light engine
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1. Introduction
Toshiba terminated the production of general incandescent lamps in March, 2010. Our long history of
the incandescent lamp production started in 1890 ended. There was the background of the
innovational development of LED lighting as the 4th new light source. Energy-saving focused on the
LED lighting is highly expected as one of the effectiveness on reducing global warming.
LED lighting is greatly expected since it has more possibilities for free luminaires design and better
functions. LED is not solely high efficient, but also its electrical control is easier and glass covering is
no longer needed, compared with conventional lamps such as incandescent and fluorescent.
We have been working on the LED product development such as general LED lamps, exchangeable
LED light engines, lighting luminaires for indoor and outdoor.
The LED Light Engine (hereinafter called LLE) we are going to release has a totally different
structure, compared with conventional lamps and luminaires. Its biggest characteristics is that the
luminous output performance of the LLE is greatly improved by the heat release cycle from the
LLE to the luminaire. Plus, it is also advantage that we can choose variable light engines to
exchange. LLE development contributes to both new lighting development and more energy-saving.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents