RAM 3500 Dually KT1100WM Owner's Manual

Ride-on truck
3500 Dually
Owner's Manual
Model Number: KT1100WM, KT1100i
Styles and colors may vary
Made in China
The owner's manual contains assembly, use and maintenance instructions. The RAM 3500 Dually ride-on
truck must be assembled by an adult who has read and understands the instructions in this manual.
Keep the packaging away from children and dispose of all packaging before use.
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Madison, WI 53711
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Keep instructions for future reference.
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Summary of Contents for RAM 3500 Dually KT1100WM

  • Page 1 Styles and colors may vary Made in China The owner’s manual contains assembly, use and maintenance instructions. The RAM 3500 Dually ride-on truck must be assembled by an adult who has read and understands the instructions in this manual. Keep the packaging away from children and dispose of all packaging before use.
  • Page 2: Thank You

    Thank You For purchasing the RAM 3500 Dually ride-on truck. The truck features L.E.D. running lights, off road lights, dump body with opening tail gate, six tires, and much more! We hope your child will have years of riding enjoyment with our products. We appreciate your business. Please call us at KidTrax Toys...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Assembly ......5 Using the RAM 3500 Dually....13 Insert the Rear Axle .
  • Page 4: Safety

    Battery Warnings The following safety hazards may result in serious injury or death to the user of the RAM 3500 Dually: • Use of a battery or charger other than the supplied KidTrax Toys 12V rechargeable battery and charger may cause a fire or explosion.
  • Page 5: User Requirements

    WARNING! • Liquids on the battery may cause fire or electric shock. Always keep all liquids away from the battery and keep the battery dry. • Contact or exposure to battery leakage (lead acid) may cause serious injury. If contact or exposure occurs immediately call your physician.
  • Page 6: Parts

    Parts Main Body Components Steering wheel with Roll bar wire connectors Seats(2) Dashboard RAM 3500 Body Includes: Kid Trax 12-volt battery 12V12AH Front body Truck bed Rear wheel (2) Gear box (2) Rear axle Rear Hubcap (2) Doors (2) Note:...
  • Page 7: Hardware

    1½ ” Mirror screw and small nut Before you begin assembly, be sure you have all parts, hardware and tools needed to assemble your RAM 3500 Dually truck. Important! Remove all packaging, cardboard and tape from the hardware and truck parts.
  • Page 8: Assembly

    Assembly It’s easiest to perform the following steps from the underside of the RAM body. To avoid scratching the body, perform all assembly steps on a soft surface such as a carpet or cardboard. Insert the Rear Axle 1. Carefully turn the Ram body upside down.
  • Page 9: Attach The Truck Bed Hinges

    Attach the Truck Bed Hinges 1. Carefully turn the truck bed upside down. 2. Orient each hinge so the hinge tube is facing towards the center of the truck bed and the hinge is on the outside. 3 Align the posts on the underside of the truck bed with the holes on the bottom of the hinge.
  • Page 10: Attach The Rear Wheels

    Attach the Rear Wheels 1. Slide the rear wheel onto the end of the axle, fitting the back of the rear wheel into the gear box. 2. Insert a washer over the axle. Using the included hex wrench, fasten the nut on the end of the axle and tighten. The axle may need to be shifted left or right to be evenly distributed so for the tires to fit properly.
  • Page 11: Attach The Grill Assembly

    Attach the Grill Assembly 1. Carefully turn the grill assembly (grill and bumper) upside down. 2. Slide the grill assembly towards the truck body, and fasten by: a. Inserting the tube coming from the grill assembly into the tube coming from the front axle.
  • Page 12: Attach The Doors

    Attach the Doors 1. Orient the doors so the interior of the door is facing the interior of the car. 2. Insert the post on the bottom of the door into the hole on the side of the car body. 3.
  • Page 13: Insert The Steering Rod

    Insert the Steering Rod It’s easiest to accomplish this step with the Ram slightly tipped to it’s side. Have a second person hold the Ram while inserting the steering rod. 1. Remove the screw and nut from the steering wheel, and keep it close by, you will need to hold the steering rod in place.
  • Page 14: Attach The Rear View Mirrors

    Note: You will only need to connect the battery to the motor one time. Only use the KidTrax toys 12V charger included with the RAM 3500 (Input: AC 120V, 60Hz Output: DC 6V). Attach the Roll bar 5. Route the wire connector coming...
  • Page 15: Attach The Seats

    Attach the Seats 1. Orient the locking tab in the same direction as the locking tabs slots. 2. Lower the seat onto locking tabs slots making sure the tabs on the back of the seats snap into the slots in the car body. 3.
  • Page 16: Using The Ram 3500 Dually

    Using the RAM 3500 Dually Important! Before using the 3500 Dually for the first time the battery needs to be charged for at least 20- 24 hours. Only an adult who has read and understands the safety warnings (see Assembly) should handle, recharge of the battery.
  • Page 17: Re-Charge Interval And Time

    Re-Charge Interval and Time Important! • Damage to the battery may occur if it is allowed to drain completely. Do not allow the battery to drain completely. • Check the battery and charger (supply cord, connector) for wear and damage before charging. Do not charge the battery if damage has occurred.
  • Page 18: Fcc Information

    8. Insert both seats into place and lock each seat. Maintenance The RAM 3500 should be checked for damage, missing or badly worn parts before use. • Check the tightness of the fasteners before each use. • Check the tightness of the wheels.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide The following are examples of potential problems. Completely read through this manual and the troubleshooting guide table before calling KidTrax Toys Consumer Relations. If you still need help resolving the problem please call 877-741-6154. KidTrax Toys recommends that you take the vehicle to an authorized service center for periodic maintenance and service.
  • Page 20: Services, Repairs And Parts

    Services, Repairs and Parts Do not return this product to the place of purchase. If your RAM 3500 needs service, repairs or replacement parts, call: KidTrax Toys Consumer Relations Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (CST) Monday - Friday Phone: 877-741-6154 Email: custom[email protected]...
  • Page 21: Warranty

    Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty Six-Month Limited Warranty on Battery Pacific Cycle, Inc. (PC) warrants this product to the original retail purchaser as follows: The vehicle (except for the 12-volt battery) is warranted against defective materials or workmanship for one year from the date of original purchase.
  • Page 22: Contact Information

    Contact Information If you have any questions or comments please contact us at: In U.S.A. © 2012 Pacific-Cycle Inc. 4902 Hammersly Rd. Madison, WI 53711 Customer Service: 877-741-6154 [email protected] www.kidtraxtoys.com...

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